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Should You Use a Slug?

SPEEDS RELOADS: The Seattle Slug provides a big target to load against. Works with all types of magazine pads, including “+2” and “+4” styles. “Reloads with the Glock have always been a problem, but now they just slide right in. . .” — Robert Hance, Naples, FL
“The first time I reloaded with it was in a match. I stopped and stared at the gun. It was so much easier!” — SGT. Roger Budzianowski, King County Jail Staff, Seattle.
ABSORBS RECOIL: Added weight helps calm recoil of hard-kicking Glocks. The brass model increases the weight of the frame by 70%. (statistics based on a 5-ounce Glock 17 frame, including trigger, pins, etc. Slugs weight 3 1/2 ounces in brass vrs. 1 1/10th ounces in black anodized aluminum). “That thing calms the gun right down. . .” — Rick Allen, Shelton Glock Match 1995.
IMPROVES FUNCTIONING: Added weight cuts down on “weak-hand” and “weak wrist” malfunctions. With more than 80% of the Glock’s weight in the barrel and slide, Glocks are more prone to these types of failures. “I was using epoxy and lead shot in my 17L before. This is a lot better.” — Earl Belisle, Tempe, AZ
IMPROVES BALANCE: By adding weight in the grip, the center of balance shifts downward. Your gun’s new center will lay under your trigger finger, balancing in all directions close to the trigger pin. The result is a calmer-shooting, less “topheavy” piece. “This is great, it makes it feel like a real gun again,” — SGT Bruce Bennett, armorer, Mason County Sherriff
INSTALLS IN MINUTES: Do it yourself with a small Allen wrench.
NO CHANGE TO THE GRIP: Use the set screw and your grip profile does not change. Conceal it, shoot it, handle it, the only changes are listed above. “Works great! I’m really happy with it.” — Warren R. Anderson, Knoxville, TN
NO GUNSMITHING: Your slug should push into place, leaving the gun otherwise box stock

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